8 Steps to Calculating Words Per Minute (WPM)
1.  Open up the computer calculator (it should be on the desktop, if not, ask the teacher to place it there).
2.  Type the timed lesson when the teacher tells you.
3.  Click on Tools on the Menu bar.
4.  Click on Word Count and the Word Count dialog box will pop up.
5.  Use the number for "characters with spaces" on the Word Count dialog box.  Remember that 5 keystrokes equals 1 word.
6.  Type the number of "characters with spaces" into the calculator.
7.  Divide by 5 which is the number of keystrokes per word.
8.  Divide by the number of minutes that you typed.  This will be your WPM
Figure out how many words were typed in 10 minutes using the "characters with spaces" from the Word Count dialog box above.  
created by Jo Black (09.06.03)