FCS:  Intro to Clothing & Design Parent/Student Letter & Supply List

Textile Science Pre & Post Test

Pre & Post Test Answer Document (PDF File)

Sewing Vocabulary List


1)  Five Categories of Sewing Notions Worksheet (PDF)

2)  Five Categories of Sewing Notions

3)  Five Categories of Sewing Notions Quiz

Safety Rules

1)  Safety Rules for the Sewing Lab

2)  Sewing Safely Web Page

Sewing Techniques

1)  How to Knot the Sewing Thread

2)  Sewing on a Button

3)  Backstitching Tutorial

      Backstitching Practice WS

4)  Other Hand Sewing Stitches

The Sewing Machine

1) "Emerald 116" Sewing Machine Parts

   "Emerald 116"  Sewing Machine Parts Worksheet (PDF)

2) Seven Guidelines for Sewing on the Sewing Machine

Seven Guidelines for Sewing on the Sewing Machine Worksheet
3) Threading the Emerald 116 Sewing Machine youtube videos (current as of Sept 2017)

Winding Bobbin @ beginning of video

Upper threading the Machine @ 3:09

Lower threading the Machine @ 4:00

Another example of Upper threading but on the 118 which threads the same way:


Another example of Winding the Bobbin:


All Emerald 116 Videos:


4) Grading Sheet for Hands-on Test:  Threading the Sewing Machine (PDF)

Other Things

1) Sewing Projects

2) Other Assignments

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