This Hand Puppet Tutorial was specifically designed:

1. To be used in the classroom along with teacher instruction 

2. To be used as a reference guide after reading and discussing the tutorial 

3. To be used if the students wish to create a Hand Puppet on their own (i.e., at home) 

4. To integrate technology in the classroom 

This Hand Puppet can be sewn either by hand (using a backstitch) or by machine.  The teacher will tell you which method we are going to use in class. 
Directions for both methods are included.

As you work through this tutorial you will learn:

1.  The Supplies Needed to Create a Hand Puppet

2.  How to Make a Hand Puppet Pattern

3.  How to Pin and Cut out the Pattern Pieces

4.  How to Mark the Fabric Pieces

5.  How to Sew on Buttons for the Eyes

6.  How to Sew the Puppet Together by Hand Using a Backstitch

7.  How to Machine Stitch the Puppet Together

8.  How to Sew the Mouth Together

9.  How to Sew the Body Together

10. How to Pink the Seams to Finish off the Raw Edges

11. How to Press the Mouth and the Seams

12. How to Create the Hem

13. How to Sew and Press the Hem

14. How to Evaluate Your Puppet
Supplies Needed 
Fabric for Body 1/4 yard x 24 inches

Fabric for Mouth 8 inches x 8 inches

2 buttons with 4 "holes" for eyes



Pinking Shears

Seam Gauge 

Straight Pins and Pincushion 

Hand sewing needles 

Seam Ripper

Hand Puppet Pattern

How to Create the Hand Puppet Pattern

Created by Jo Black (June 2004)
© 2004-2010