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1) Which of the categories below is NOT one of the 5 Categories of Sewing Notions?
a) Hand Sewing Tools
b) Cutting Tools
c) Ironing Tools
d) Measuring Tools
2) Small handled notion with a sharp hook at one end that can slide under a stitch or a row of stitches and cut them.

Used to take out unwanted lines of sewing.

a) Scissors
b) Seam Ripper
c) Seam Gauge
d) Pinking Shears
3) Where should you place pins and needles while working?
a) In your mouth
b) On the table
c) In a pin cushion
d) All answers above are correct
4) This notion is used to clip fabric and trim threads.
a) Shears
b) Seam ripper
c) Pinking shears
d) Scissors
5) This notion is available in lengths from 60 to 120 inches long with measurements every 1/8 inch.

Used to measure the body and large areas.

a) Tape measure
b) Seam gauge
c) Yard or meter stick
d) 12-inch ruler
6) This notion is usually made out of clay and used to mark fabric before cutting or stitching.
a) Tracing Wheel
b) Ink pins
c) Tracing Paper
d) Tailor's Chalk
7) These notions have an eye and when used with thread can permanently hold pieces of fabric together.
a) Thimble
b) Needles
c) Seam Ripper
d) Pins
8) This notion allows you to press sleeves and other small areas.
a) Sleeve Board
b) Ironing Board
c) Tailor's Ham
d) Point Presser
9) This notion is 8 to 10 inches in length with a bent handle designed so that you have the bottom blade resting on the cutting surface as you cut out fabric.
a) Pinking Shears
b) Scissors
c) Shears
d) Seam ripper
10) This notion is a small piece of white fabric.  It is placed between the fabric and the iron to prevent shiny marks caused by the heat of the iron.

When moistened, it can help create steam to help press the fabric.

a) Pressing Cloth
b) Point Presser
c) Tailor's Ham
d) None of the above
11) This notion comes in a variety of styles, widths, and lengths. Some have large glass or plastic heads.

Used to temporarily hold fabric together.

a) Needles
b) Pin cushion
c) Pins
d) Scissors
12) This notion is used to limit the length of the frayed thread and thus limit the damage on fabric.
a) Shears
b) Pinking Shears
c) Scissors
d) All answers above are correct
13) This notion is 36 inches long and is used to measure large areas like fabric.
a) Seam Gauge
b) Tape measure
c) Yard stick
d) Meter Stick
14) This notion is used while hand sewing to protect your finger while you push the needle into the fabric.
a) Point presser
b) Pin cushion
c) Thimble
d) None of the above
15) This notion is a 6-inch ruler used to measure small areas like hems and seams.
a) Ruler
b) Yard Stick
c) Seam Gauge
d) Tape measure
16) This notion is used to press seams open, press down hems and take out wrinkles in fabric.
a) Pressing cloth
b) Ironing board
c) Point presser
d) Iron

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