1) Butcher's Apron Tutorial

     Steps to Making the Apron WS

     Butcher's Apron Self-Evaluation

2) Ball "Piggie" Stuffed Animal

3) Lap Quilt Tutorial

    Quilt Layout WS

   Steps to Making Quilt WS

   Lap Quilt Self-Evaluation

4) Stocking Tutorial

   Stocking Pattern

   Stocking Self-Evaluation

5) Hand Puppet Tutorial

  Steps to Making the Hand Puppet WS

   Hand Puppet Self-Evaluation 

6) Beret Directions

   Beret Pattern

   Beret Self-Evaluation 

7) Pillow Pal Directions

   Pillow Pal Self-Evaluation

8) Large and Small Tote Directions

9) Rag Quilt Instructions

10) "Lil Piggie" Stuffed Animal

11) Neck Tie Pattern & Directions (14 pgs)

Pattern Source
12) School Agenda Cover

13) "Doggie" Pillow Steps WS

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