1) Butcher's Apron Tutorial

     Steps to Making the Apron WS

     Butcher's Apron Self-Evaluation

2) Ball "Piggie" Stuffed Animal

3) Lap Quilt Tutorial

    Quilt Layout WS

   Steps to Making Quilt WS

   Lap Quilt Self-Evaluation

4) Stocking Tutorial

   Stocking Pattern

   Stocking Self-Evaluation

5) Hand Puppet Tutorial

  Steps to Making the Hand Puppet WS

   Hand Puppet Self-Evaluation   

6) Beret Directions

   Beret Pattern

   Beret Self-Evaluation 

7) Pillow Pal Directions

   Pillow Pal Self-Evaluation

8) Small and Large Tote Directions

9) Larger Tote Directions

    My notes of creating square bottoms on totes & bags

10) Rag Quilt Instructions

11) "Lil Piggie" Stuffed Animal

12) Neck Tie Pattern & Directions (14 pgs)

Pattern Source
13) School Agenda Cover

14) "Doggie" Pillow Steps WS

15) Simple Square Pincushion Project

Pincushion History

16) Cell Phone Holders Project
17) Padded Water Bottle Holder Project

18) Sewing Tool Belt Project

Jo's Other Sewing Projects

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