Directions:  Write the proper heading for this class on your paper.  Write the Safety Rule ONLY after we have read it out loud.  You may be called upon to read one of the safety rules. (Next)

1.  No "Horse playing" allowed in the sewing lab.  (Next)

2.  Put pins and needles in a pincushion.  Do NOT leave them on the table or by the sewing machine and do NOT put them in your mouth as you sew. (Next)

3.  Keep scissors closed when you are not using them.  (Next)

4. Pass scissors and other sharp objects with the handle toward the other person.  (Next)

5.  Keep fingers away from the path of the sewing machine needle. 

6.  Do not lean your face too close to the sewing machine when stitching. (Next)

7. Unplug the cord from the outlet and then disconnect the cord from the sewing machine when you are finished using the machine.  (Next)

8. Pick up any threads and fabric around the sewing machine. (Next)

9. Pick up and/or sweep anything on the floor around your machine and your desk/table. (Next)

10. Rest the iron on its heel, if you leave it face down on the ironing board, you will burn the surface.  (Next)

11.  Keep hands away from the hot area of the iron. (Next) 

12.  Properly and safely use all the equipment in the Sewing Lab.  
Updated 11 August 2013
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