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Plastic Canvas Crocheting  Knitting

Plastic Canvas
All projects are made with 7-count plastic canvas mesh using a size 16 plastic canvas needle and worsted weight yarns.

Plastic Canvas Patterns:

Awareness Ribbons

Bear Face




Door Hangers



Letters 1 (w & h varies)

Letters 2 (6w x 8h holes)

Letters 3 A-O (8w x 8h holes)

Letters 3 P-Z (8w x 8h holes)

Letters 4 (6w x 8h holes)

Letters 5 (24w x 35h holes)

Letters 6 A-P (7w x 10h holes)

Letters 6 O-Z (7w x 10h holes)

Letters 7 A-F (17w x 17h)

Letters 7 G-L (17w x 17h)

Letters 7 M-R (18w x 17h)

Letters 7 S-X (17w x 17h)

Letters 7 Y & Z (17w x 17h)

Numbers 1 (w: varies x 15h holes)

Numbers 2 (6w x 8h holes)

Plastic Canvas Stitches:
Alternating Scotch Stitches

Continental Stitches

Over Cast Stitches

Other Plastic Canvas Items:
Plastic Canvas Ideas

Plastic Canvas Planning Sheet


Supplies needed:  1 skein 7 oz worsted weight yarn & a H, I or J crochet hook.

Beginner's Single Crochet Scarf


Supplies needed:  1 skein 7 oz worsted weight yarn 
& size 7 (14-in long) knitting needles.

Roll Brim Knitted Hat

Hats From the Heart Project

Ms. Black's Knitting & Crocheting Projects

Ms. Black's Sewing Projects

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