Safety in the Crafts Lab
Directions:  Write the proper heading for this class on your paper.  Write the Safety Rule ONLY after we have read it out loud.  You may be called upon to read one of the safety rules. (Next)

1.  No "Horse playing" allowed in the crafts lab.  (Next)

2.  Put pins and needles in a pincushion.  Do NOT leave them on the table and do NOT put them in your mouth as you sew.(Next)

3.  Keep scissors closed when you are not using them.  (Next)

4. Pass scissors and other sharp objects with the handle toward the other person. (Next)

5.  Use all equipment & supplies properly & safely. (Next)

6. Pick up after yourself.  Make sure that your supplies are put away properly and that you have cleaned around your area.


7. Work on your own projects, do not bother the supplies and items of others. (Next)


Safety is EVERYONE'S Responsibility!


created by Jo Black  8.11.13