Jo's Embroidered Birth & Wedding Announcements

Birth Announcements
Wedding Announcements

"Tennis-shoes Birth Announcement"
(created November 9, 2009)

created for my friend Sherry Martin's new grandbaby 
and Lynn Tomke did an awesome job framing it.

Design Dimensions:
w = 219.9mm and h =149.8mm

"Pink Ribbon Bear Birth Announcement"
(created January 8, 2010)

 created for my friend, Kathy Hopkins' new grandbaby

Design Dimensions:
w = 169mm and h =142mm

Davila Wedding
(created September 9, 2009)

created for our new teacher, Manny Davila, at Holloman Middle School
My friend, Lynn Tomke did a beautiful job framing it.

Design Dimensions:
w = 228.9mm and h =176.2mm

Miller Wedding
(created January 6, 2010)

 created for my friend, Lynn Tomke

Design Dimensions:
w = 196mm and h =132mm

Zych Wedding 
For my Daughter & Son in-law
(created July 15, 2010)

Design Dimensions:
w = 210.2 mm and h =154.0 mm

More Embroidery Projects to come...

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