Jo's Miscellaneous Embroidered Projects

"Pillow Pal" 
(created July 30, 2009)

I created this for my students.  We got our embroidery machine (a Designer Topaz 20™ by Husqvarna/Viking©) the middle of May 2009.  So I am coming up with ideas for the students to learn and use the embroidery machine.

 This is a pillow that I created for Ed (created July 10, 2009)

Design Dimensions:
width = 254.6 mm and height =190 mm

Emblem I created for the service organization that Ed and I belong to, the Alamogordo Breakfast Lions

The dimensions of the design are:
width = 95.4 mm and height =95 mm

(created 25 Aug 2009)

Christmas Stockings for Maria Showalter
(created December 2009)

 Design Dimensions:
w = 52mm and h =75mm

Holly Leaf Dimensions:
w = 75.5mm and h = 49mm

Santa Penguin Dimensions:
h=78mm w=51mm
(Dec 2013)
Bookmarks in Aida Cloth
Finished Piece = 2 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches
(created January 2, 2010)

Aprons for Ed & my Dad
(created June 2010)

(created June 11, 2010)

Design Dimensions:
w = 121.8mm and h = 67.6mm

(created June 14, 2010)

Design Dimensions:
w = 126.2mm and h =92.1mm

Aprons for my daughter, Susette & my son-in law, Todd
(created July 15, 2010)

They are getting married at the Excaliber in Las Vegas and having a Renaisance/Medival Wedding.  We are doing the Medival Feast thing after the wedding and Susette wanted something to protect her dress and Todd's costume.  Wedding colors being black & pink, I made made them black aprons with the embroidery below on each one:

Design Dimensions:
w = 167.4mm and h = 72.8mm
Design Dimensions:
w = 138.2mm and h = 73.4mm
Guitar Straps
(created May 29, 2012)

HMS Pillow for Retiring Teacher
Pillow cover fits a 14 inch pillow insert
(created Dec 8, 2013)


Cell Phone Holders for Samsung Galaxy S8
(created 6 June, 2018)

Cell Phone Holder Directions

More Embroidery Projects to come...

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