Rules and Guidelines for Hardware/Software, 
Posture & Workstation 

Care and Handling of Hardware and Software:

1. Stay at your table/desk until given permission to go to the computers. 

2. Leave your backpacks at your desk, do not bring them to the computers.

3. Properly turn the computer on or off to prevent damage to the disk drives or any data that maybe stored on them.  The teacher will explain how to do this.

4. Keep your hands on your own computer; respect the rights and space of others.

5. Do not play with the chairs at the computers. 

6. Head sets are not to be used until given permission to use them.

7. Do not print anything without permission to do so.

8. NEVER remove the keyboard covers!

9. Do not change any of the settings on the computer (i.e., screen savers) ever!

7 Guidelines for Your Posture while at the computer:

Your keyboarding accuracy and speed are affected 
by the way you sit while you use the computer.

1. Keep your head up and back straight, with your body leaning forward slightly; shoulders level -- don't slouch.

2. Keep your body a hand span from the keyboard, centered opposite the “J” key.  Your bellybutton is your center, so the letter “J” should be across from your bellybutton.

3. Your eyes should be looking at the copy if you are working from a “hard copy” or looking at the screen if you are composing an original document.

4. Keep your feet apart, flat on the floor, and one foot slightly ahead of the other.  Do NOT cross your ankles or your legs.

5. Keep your fingers curved so that only the tips touch the keys.

6. Keep your wrists up slightly, off the front of the keyboard so that the fingers are free to move as you key.

7. Your arms should hang loosely at your sides, with the forearm at the same angle as the keyboard; elbows close to the body.

4 Guidelines for Your Workstation:

1. Place the materials to be keyed (the hard copy) on one side of the computer.

2. Keep all personal items at your desk.  You will need a pencil and your keyboarding sheet at the computer.

3. Close the textbook and pick up after yourself at the end of the class period. 

4.  Properly turn off the computer by going to the "start" button and clicking on "turn off computer".  Turn off the monitor AFTER the computer has powered down.

created by Jo Black 01.01.04 
© 2004-2013