5 T. flour
1 c. milk
1 c. or 2 sticks of butter or margerine (softened)
1 c. granulated sugar
4 T. Cocoa (for choc'late butter crème)
2 t. vanilla

Whisk flour and milk together in a saucepan.  (I always create my roux by placing the liquid and the flour together into a jar and shaking vigorously to combine before I place it into a saucepan.) 

Cook over medium heat until it starts to thicken and cook for a minute or two more, take off heat and let cool.  (It looks like paste when it's cool).

Using an electric mixer, beat together butter, granulated sugar and cocoa, if making choc'late butter crème, until light.  Beat in the cooled roux about two tablespoons at a time.  As you beat and add the roux, the frosting turns creamy instead of grainy from the sugar.  Add vanilla and beat until frosting is light and creamy.

This is a great frosting for Lynn Tomke's Famous Brownies.

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